CREATION DRAMA STUDIO was originally founded in 2015 by Sarah Tyler Shaw & Ian Breeds under the name Q-E Kids Drama Workshops. 

Sarah and Ian are professional stage and screen actors with 3 years vocational Acting Training at The Court Theatre Training Company based in Hoxton, London.

Ian and Sarah met whilst studying at drama school. Upon graduating in 2011 the pair founded their own theatre company QUINT-ESSENTIAL CREATIONS. After 3 successful years of producing and touring original plays written and directed by Ian, they decided to take the company in a new direction, film.

In 2014 Ian received a scholarship to study filmmaking afilm International Film Workshops in Sitges, Barcelona.

The couple relocated to Sitges in October 2014. Upon arriving in Sitges it soon became clear that even though there was a huge expatriate presence in the town, there were no acting classes for English speaking children in Sitges.



Our goal was to open a drama school where children would be able to discover themselves through acting, learn to be confident and most importantly have fun whilst they were doing it. Not only that we wanted to be original as well. Using the skills we had learnt as actors and child care workers we wanted our school to not only teach the skills and techniques of acting but to also help shape the students in a positive way for their journey through life, we would do this through encouragement, positivity and exploring emotions in exercises.



SARAH & IAN have many years of experience within the acting industry, having performed in various music videos, short films, plays and feature films as well as creating their own short films and theatre productions. 

Sarah and Ian have over 20 years of experience in working with children between them.

From 2011 until September 2014, in their spare time between acting and running Quint-Essential Creations, Sarah and Ian were employed by NIPPERBOUT Ltd.



Find out more about SARAH & IAN and CREATION DRAMA STUDIO in the above interview with FRANK STEIN STUDIO.

Sarah and Ian hold current CRB/DBS certificates from the UK along with Criminal Record Certificates from Spain.