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A Code of Honour is a set of principles, guidelines, or ethical standards that participants in the class are expected to follow. Our Code of Honour is designed to create a positive and respectful learning environment while fostering creativity, collaboration, and a sense of responsibility among students. 


We will succeed as a group if we create a safe and inclusive environment where everyone gets to express themselves without judgement. To do this we will need to maintain certain boundaries so that fun times are fun for everyone and so that we can learn and develop together.


"Our mission is to create a safe and creative space where young people are encouraged and inspired to freely express their unique talents, grow their self confidence and unleash their full potential."


1. When the leader is talking I stop what I am doing and listen.

2. I respect other people’s personal space and I keep my hands and feet to myself.

3. I treat everyone with kindness and respect. I always treat fellow students, visitors, workshop leaders, and any guest workshop leaders with dignity and respect.

4. I respect the space and all equipment and keep the space tidy.

5. I respect and listen to other people’s ideas and opinions and respond in a friendly manner.

6. I take part in every activity with energy and enthusiasm.

7. I put my hand up when I would like to ask a question or say something to the group.

8. If I have any problems or I am feeling unhappy I will speak to one of the leaders.

9. I arrive on time and ready to go.

10. I leave my worries at the door. The best thing about drama is that it is an escape from the outside world, I use drama as an opportunity to improve my day and my mood.

11. I put my phone away during classes and will not use it unless instructed to by the workshop leader.

12. I bring positive energy to every class and I always try to leave others better than I found them.

All students are asked to agree to and sign our Code of Honour at the beginning of each term.

The Code of Honour helps establish a culture of respect, professionalism, and creativity, fostering an environment where students can learn, grow, and create memorable performances and films together. It provides a clear framework for expected behaviour and values within the class, promoting a positive and enriching experience for all participants.

Please be aware that if students persist in breaking the Code of Honour, they may be requested to withdraw from the workshops for the rest of the term. 

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