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IMPROV for adults (18+)

Whether you're developing your performance skills or looking to build confidence - enjoy the unpredictability and fun of Improv.

Improv is a form of live theatre that has you thinking on your feet and creating unrehearsed scenes out of wildly different situations. It's time to let go of your inhibitions and say YES! 

There are many transferable benefits of Improvisation and through our fun and engaging games and exercises you will have the opportunity to boost your confidence, develop creative thinking, improve communication, listening and public speaking skills and learn how to be in the moment whilst making new friends and having a whole lot of fun! 

Every Tuesday from 20:15-21:45 in Sitges

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ACTING for adults (18+)

Our acting workshops include a variety drama based games, exercises, improvisations, script work, character development, on camera techniques, rehearsal techniques and much more.

You’ll be encouraged to take an imaginative and enthusiastic approach to acting, as you discover and build a range of physical, vocal and acting skills.


We will explore techniques by some of the leading acting practitioners such as Stanislavsky and Meisner whilst drawing upon the latest developments in the industry, enhanced by our teachers’ knowledge and experience.


Every Thursday from 19:00-21:00 in Sitges


There are so many benefits to attending an acting class. Whether your passion is acting or you are just looking to try something new there are many skills for life that are developed through acting and improv classes these include benefits for work, social and personal interactions as well as building confidence, communication, creativity and imagination. 


No worries, no previous experience is necessary. The best thing to do is just come along and give it a go, only then will you know if this is something you would like to do. After our free taster classes you will have the choice to sign up to our weekly classes. 

It is important to note that our main priority is to create a safe and encouraging environment where our students feel confident to explore their creativity freely without judgement. 


Everyone is invited to try their first class for free, so you really have nothing to lose! Why not bring a friend along to try with you. 

FUN FACT! Morgan Freeman landed his first major acting role when he was 52 year old. Moral of the story; it really is never too late to try. 


If would like to book a free trial class you can contact us by completing our online form selecting classes for adults. In the notes section please inform us of which class you would like to try, of course you can try both!

Or you can ask us a question by emailing us: