Welcome to the LOCK DOWN PROJECT. Steps 1-4 of our first project; Make a Movie Monologue are available for free below.

We hope you enjoy the project. Don't forget to send us your photos and videos to info@creationdramastudio.com so that we can feature you on social media. 

In this first video we will take you through what the LOCK DOWN PROJECT is and STEPS 1 + 2 of the project!


You will need to download and print (if possible) the following documents:

- Step 1: Create a Character Worksheets

- Step 1: Help-Sheets

- Step 2: Stepping into Character Worksheets

Once you have recorded your Hot Seating Interview email it to us via wetransfer.com and be sure to share it on social media using the hashtags #lockdownproject #creationdramastudio

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Now that you have created your character, it is time to move onto STEP 3

STEP 3 is all about writing your monologue!

You will need to download and print (if possible) the following documents:

- Step 3: Writing Your Monologue Worksheets

- Step 3: Help-Sheets

Check out our Teen Monologues from our 2015 Summer Workshops on our Movie Theatre Page

This is the final step in our Make a Movie Monologue Project. STEP 4 is all about filming your monologue!

So you have your character, you've written your monologue, now it is time to film it!


You will need to download and print (if possible) the following document:

- Step 4: Filming Your Monologue Worksheets

You will also need something to film with, this can be an iphone or android phone, ipad or perhaps your parents have a video camera. Remember to ask permission first!

You've completed our first LOCK DOWN PROJECT! Send your Movie Monologue to info@creationdramastudio.com via wetransfer.com 

Share your project online using the hashtags #lockdownproject #creationdramastudio and don't forget to follow and tag us...

Thank you for taking part in our first


We hope you have had lots of fun and we cannot wait to see your character movie monologues! 

This project is completely free of charge to take part in. We would love to see people from all over the world taking part!

Feel free to share the project with your friends, family and colleagues.

We would love to hear your thoughts, please send us your comments and feedback! 

"These are truly testing times for us all and young people are going to feel it too. They may become confused, anxious, upset and frustrated. Participating in acting and drama activities allows children the opportunity to express a range of emotions and encourages them to understand and deal with similar feelings they may be experiencing.

We hope that our project will give children the opportunity to escape their new day to day routine and step into the shoes of a new character! Adult's you too can join in, we all could do with a touch of creative escapism right now."