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At CREATION DRAMA STUDIO we provide acting and filmmaking workshops in English, lead by industry professionals. Our mission is to create confidence for life, within an inclusive, positive & fun environment. Our workshops are for all ages and abilities and are designed for both fluent English speakers with an interest or passion for acting and filmmaking and those looking to improve their confidence in English language.


Our workshops are run by working actors and as actors ourselves we are always learning and discovering new techniques within the industry. At CREATION DRAMA STUDIO we base all of our workshops and lesson plans on our own practical acting education and experiences. From the techniques and skills we learnt at drama school to the present day techniques we learn from each production we are members of. We take these skills and techniques and develop games and exercises, which we then adapt to each different age group to ensure the most effective training. 

At the end of our summer and winter terms all of our theatre students take part in end of term shows. Our shows are tailor made and written specifically for the students attending our workshops at that time. Every show is original and unique. 

The acting and filmmaking industries are very competitive but within our workshops we believe in equal opportunities for each and every student. Whilst other acting schools and school plays may hold auditions in order to allocate parts at CREATION DRAMA STUDIO we strive to ensure all of our students are given equal parts within our plays and films, this is necessary in order to help build confidence and self belief. During a child’s formative years they must be encouraged to believe in themselves, we believe it is not necessary to enforce a competition of talent at this age but to encourage diversity and celebrate all ranges of ability. 



Many people are often in search of extra curricular activities in which their children can practice and improve their English. Many of our past students have been looking to improve their confidence in communicating in English and we have seen some incredible results over the past years. ​Our workshops are designed for people who can speak English already but want to improve their fluency and confidence. Drama never stops helping us to explore life. Whether we want to work on our self-confidence, communication skills or to learn a foreign language, drama is one of the best ways to achieve results. Why? Because the art of drama enables us to overcome our rational and emotional barriers within a safe environment. When supported by our teachers and fellow students your child will feel at ease and safe. Safe in the words they speak and the way they express themselves.

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If you have a question you might find the answer to it on our FAQs page. If you do not find the answer to your question there, please do contact us by clicking on the 'contact us' button .

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